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        "Rhamphorhynchoids" are a paraphyletic group of pterosaurs that tend to have long tails, a lot of teeth and are mostly being small in size.

"Rhamphorrhynchoids" evolved in the Triassic and vanished in the late Jurassic or early Cretaceous.


Unlike their descendants the pterodactyloids, most "'rhamphorhynchoids" had long tails, and most species lacked a bony crest, though several are known to have crests formed from soft tissue like keratin. They were generally small in size.

In Walking with... series

Walking with Dinosaurs

Time of the Titans

Anurognathus was a Rhamphorhynchoid featured in this episode. Although it had no tail and its snout was blunt and rounded, it was still a member of this "group". In this episode, Anurognathus was shown to be a land-living animal, living in a symbiotic relationship with giant dinosaurs such as Diplodocus, but so far this has not been proven.

An Anurognathus resting on a plant. (Time of the Titans)

Cruel Sea

Rhamphorhynchus was one of the main characters in this episode. It was depicted similar to modern sea birds, including skimming the surface of water for fish, but it could also hunt on land for insects, It was also prey for Eustreptospondylus and other large animals.

File:Rhamphorhynchus munsteri.jpg

A Rhamphorhynchus cast. (Image from Wikipedia)

Ballad of Big Al

Anurognathus was also featured in this special, but unlike its' earlier depiction in Time of the Titans it was not shown as a symbiont of any larger animals.