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Biographical information
ProfessionLeader of the herd (formerly)
Broadcast information
Appears inWalking with Dinosaurs 3D
Portrayed bySkyler Stone

Scowler is Patchi's brother and the former secondary antagonist in Walking with Dinosaurs 3D.


He was first seen eating prehistoric spinach (regurgitated plant matter) from his mother and refused to share with his brother Patchi. He was teaching Patchi how to headbutt, although gives up when Patchi fails miserably. He and Patchi both witness their father's death at the jaws of Gorgon. He later taunts Patchi for having feelings for Juniper.

He, Patchi, and Juniper were separated from the herd during a Gorgosaurus attack.

Later washing up at a beach he decides to follow the Edmontosaurus herd. He leaves Patchi and Juniper selfishly as he keeps on going with the herd.

Years later Scowler grew up and was seen with Major in a duel and won the leadership of the herd. He then took Juniper as his mate leaving Patchi with a broken heart. He then foolishly leads the herd over a frozen lake in the middle of spring. As the ice breaks Scowler and some of the males make it to the other side of the lake while watching Patchi angrily as he takes the rest of the herd and Juniper.

Later he duels Patchi, leaves him to die, and once again takes Juniper with him.

Later, he was battling Gorgon and his pack, told Patchi to take the herd, and was on the brink of death. But he was saved when Patchi, Juniper, and the herd came to his rescue.

At the end Scowler apologized to Patchi for being such a jerk to him and allows Patchi to be the new leader of the herd. It's presumed that he's now the uncle of Patchi and Juniper's offspring.


His large size of given him the brute strength that's showed to others he was munch stronger then Major and his brother Patchy. As he was kid he able to head butt his brother to the side easily with no trouble at all. As he grown up full size adult he able to push Patchy easily with very little trouble. He able to endure attacks from Gorgon but was loosing since he was getting attack on his neck. As kid even his stregth was able to push down a small tree easily. His heavy weight size was shown to be slower then his brother. Intelgiance have shown mostly his brawns meeting he knows but of fighting intelgiance.


Scowler seems to be a thoughtless jerk that acts first and thinks later.



His personalty and ways shows like another movie from walt disney Dinosaur 2000 the character of Kron.