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Sea Monsters: Prehistoric Predators of the Deep

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BBC Books (UK)
Dorling Kindersley (USA)
Release Date
16 October 2003 (UK)
2 February 2004 (USA)
Hardback Book, 168 Pages

USA cover.

Sea Monsters: Prehistoric Predators of the Deep is the companion book to the Sea Monsters TV series. This exciting book depicts Nigel's adventures in the 7 deadliest seas of all times, from the mighty pliosaur Liopleurodon to the sea scorpion Megalograptus. In the USA it was titled Chased By Sea Monsters: Prehistoric Predators of the Deep.




  • The biological big bang
  • The first monsters
    • The life and times of planet Earth
  • Age of fishes
  • Return to the water
  • Hell's aquarium
  • End of an era
  • Murderous mammals

The Ordovician: 450 MYA

  • No place for humans
    • The Ordovician at a glance
    • Hell on earth
  • Nasty nippers
    • Trilobites
  • Sex on the beach
  • Orthocones - a deep-water menace
    • Dos and don'ts of Ordovician diving
    • Anatomy of a Shell
  • Blind terror

The Devonian: 360 MYA

  • Age of fishes
    • The Devonian at a glance
  • Devonian dangers
    • Dos and don'ts of Devonian diving
    • Fish out of water
    • Living fossils
  • First sharks
  • The original 'Jaws'
    • Placoderms

The Triassic: 230 MYA

  • Out of the blue
    • The Triassic at a glance
  • Dragons at sea
    • The genesis of the dinosaurs
  • Sticking its neck out
    • Giant ichthyosaurs
  • Running the gauntlet
    • Marine reptiles today

The Jurassic: 155 MYA

  • Deadly paradise
    • The Jurassic at a glance
    • Ammonites
  • Liopleurodon - the biggest predator ever?
    • Dos and don'ts of Jurassic diving
    • Too close for comfort
    • Using a smell suit
  • Survival
    • Plesiosaurs

The Cretaceous: 75 MYA

  • Don't go in the water!
    • The Cretaceous at a glance
    • Hens' teeth
  • Shallow death
    • The snake connection
  • Where angels fear to swim
    • Dos and don'ts of Cretaceous diving
    • The big blunder
  • The main monster

The Eocene: 36 MYA

  • The leviathan
    • The Eocene at a glance
    • The whale that lost its scales
  • Hunger pangs
    • Into the ocean
  • In for the kill
    • Sound in an underwater world
    • How scary was Basilosaurus?

The Pliocene: 4 MYA

  • Giant sharks
    • The Pliocene at a glance
  • Starting small
    • Fossilized teeth
    • What's in a name?
    • Swimming with sharks
  • The whale killer
  • Looking death in the face
    • Dos and don'ts of diving with Megalodon
    • The extinction of Megalodon


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