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Sea Monsters Adventure Game
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The Sea Monsters Adventure Game, was a game made for Sea Monsters. It is built in a design similar to board games; a player can have up to 7 lives and has to travel the 7 deadly seas, fighting their inhabitants, mostly by solving puzzles. It has clips from the actual Sea Monsters trilogy, the Walking with Beasts series, and the Walking with Dinosaurs series as part of its programming.


under construction Unable to play nowadays, if anyone has anyway of fixing this leave a comment under this page or something or edit this page under this sentence. Like seriously, someone figure out how to make this work, it's like my childhood game.

Hope you see this! This was my childhood game too, but here is what you need to do:

  1. Right click the blue screen, click inspect element
  2. Choose the "Console" tab at the top of the window that opens
  3. Type into the console, "document.write(oeTags);" without quotes

If it complains about flash, just enable it and try it again. Have fun!

Update 1/23/21: The above advice no longer works, both because flash player as we knew it no longer exists, and because some of the game files themselves are missing.

You can access the main .swf file of the game, the thing that flash player was trying to run, but this just boots up a version of the game where all you can do is go around the board forever. It skips the minigames in which you catch the sea monsters, and only gives you extinction events and extra lives.

If anyone knows somebody who worked on the BBC web-game development team in 2003, please bug them about this, for my sake, and the sake of all our childhoods.



The Game