Shark Cage
Technological information
Type of technology Cage
Creator(s) The Ancient Mariner crew
Owner(s) Nigel Marven
The Ancient Mariner crew
Production information
TV appearances Sea Monsters: Dangerous Seas
Sea Monsters: Into the Jaws of Death
Sea Monsters: To Hell... and Back?
Meanwhile, the crew was building a cage for my protection.

Sea Monsters: Dangerous Seas

The shark cage is a cage used by Nigel Marven to protect himself from large marine predators during hazardous dives.

Design and useEdit

The shark cage is made of metal. Unlike typical shark cage, The Ancient Mariner's shark cage is spherical in shape rather than a cube. It is design that way so that the jaws of large predators would slide off of the cage.

The shark cage is assembled on board The Ancient Mariner and there are eight parts. At the top of the top half, there is an opening for divers to enter. The cage can hold two people.

In Sea MonstersEdit

Dangerous SeasEdit

The shark cage was used to protect Nigel Marven from Dunkleosteus in the Devonian.

Into the Jaws of DeathEdit

The shark cage was used to protect Nigel from Dunkleosteus in the Devonian and to protect him from Megalodon in the Pliocene.

To Hell... and Back?Edit

The shark cage was used to protect Nigel from Megalodon in the Pliocene.

Behind the scenesEdit

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