Ouranosaurus isn't a hadrosauroid, and this appears to be used as "Hadrosaurids", as no mention of any non-hadrosaurs proper is made when the "different families" are gone over. Hadrosaurines is no longer the correct name for the other group, which are now saurolophines. And you can't blame this on WWD being incorrect. --Ibexgod

Ibexgod is correct. Plus, WWD: ITW doesn't even say it is a hadrosaur nor does it tell what type of dinosaur Ouranosaurus was. Therefor, it should be taken down. Collector1

You mean, we should take down the entire page? Bacner (talk) 19:54, June 17, 2014 (UTC)

No, I mean we should remove not consider Ouranosaurus as a hadrosauroid because it is in fact only related to them and WWD: ITW never stated it as said dinosaur group. Collector1

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