Tarchia 01

Tarchia was a genus of ankylosaurid dinosaur from the late Cretaceous of Mongolia.


It is currently the geologically youngest known of all the Asian ankylosaurid dinosaurs and is represented by five or more specimens, including two complete skulls and one nearly complete postcranial skeleton. It was discovered in the Upper Cretaceous (possibly Campanian-Maastrichtian) Barun Goyot Formation (previously known as the 'Lower Nemegt Beds') of the Nemegt Basin of Mongolia. It had a bony tail club, like many ankylosaurids.

In Wonderbook: Walking with DinosaursEdit

Tarchia was one of the dinosaurs featured in this game. A Tarchia in chapter 4 is named Rose. She was adopted by a Protoceratops, when she was abandoned by her mother.

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