The Ancient Mariner
Technological information
Type of technology Boat
Creator(s) Nigel Marven
Crew members
Owner(s) Nigel Marven
Production information
TV appearances Sea Monsters: Dangerous Seas
Sea Monsters: Into the Jaws of Death
Sea Monsters: To Hell... and Back?
Ancient Mariner, Ancient Mariner!

Sea Monsters: To Hell... and Back?

The Ancient Mariner was a large boat owned by Nigel Marven. It served as Nigel and his crew's headquarters and a way of navigating the seven deadliest seas.

It was the main setting in Sea Monsters.


The deck of The Ancient Mariner was home to most of the crew's equipment and the apparatus used to power the boat, including the mast. On the side of the boat was a large metal platform which was used by Nigel to dive and to help him attach a camera to a Megalodon's dorsal fin.

Also on the deck was a large crane. This mainly served the purpose of holding bait above the water's surface as well as to hold the shark cage which was also stored within the deck.

Inside the cabin was a long sofa with a wooden table, used by Nigel to help him read the time map. Behind the sofa were all of the crew's methods of communication as well as a Sony television. This television was used to watch recorded footage of sea creatures. There was also a selection of maps within the cabin, including one of the Siberian land bridge and those of the seven periods Nigel was visiting.


Major events in Sea MonstersEdit

Into the Jaws of DeathEdit

During his visit to the Pliocene, Nigel and the crew managed to attract an adult Megalodon to The Ancient Mariner via a large bag of chum. Whilst Nigel was trying to pin a camera to the shark's dorsal fin, the creature attacked the boat whilst trying to get to the chum.

When Nigel resorted to trying to accomplish his goal on the metal platform, he was subsequently knocked into the water by the Megalodon.

To Hell... and Back?Edit

In the Cretaceous, whilst Nigel and the crew were sleeping, a large group of Tylosaurus attacked The Ancient Mariner. Their fate is unknown.

Stored technologyEdit


During his visit to the Cretaceous, Nigel adopted a Pteranodon who lived on the deck of The Ancient Mariner with him. It is unknown if the pterosaur was kept or if it flew off after the Tylosaurus attack.

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