The Brothers
187px-Brother Rivals
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ProfessionAntagonists of Sabre-Tooth
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Appears inWalking with Beasts

The Brothers were a pair of Smilodon in the 5th episode of Walking with Beasts.  


The Take-Over Edit

The Brothers were rivals to Half-Tooth. They threatened Half Tooth and worked together against him. The rival males ultimately chase off Half Tooth (actually Half Tooth backs off wisely without any serious injuries, feeling that the two males would be too strong for him). They kill his cubs and completely take over. They pushed Half Tooth to the scrub forest (although Half Tooth sometimes checked up on his old clan).   

The Death of The BrothersEdit

However, a Megatherium, who wanted to eat meat as diet supplement, charges the pride of Smilodon, in order to eat some of the carrion. In the process, the Megatherium kills the dominant brother. The less dominant brother soon fights Half Tooth again (alone) and gets fatally injured. His carcass gets scavenged by Terror Birds


  • In the book version of Sabre Tooth the last brother survives the confrontation with Half Tooth, though he loses a saber tooth himself.
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