The Survivors
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General information
SeriesWalking with Cavemen
Episode number4
Featured creaturesHomo heidelbergensis
Homo neanderthalensis
Homo sapiens
Broadcast information
Original airdate23 April 2003
Chronological information
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Savage Family
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Dangerous Seas

The final episode of Walking with Cavemen talks about the last stages of human evolution.


Full synopsisEdit

It starts with a trio of Homo heidelbergensis hunting a Megaloceros. One of the H. heidelbergensis gets hurt in the process, and though the rest of the tribe, his family, cares deeply for him while he is still alive, they leave him behind once he is dead - H. heidelbergensis still lacked imagination.

Then the episode talks about how H. heidelbergensis split into two branches - the European Neanderthals and African Cro-Magnons (played by live actors without any makeup). The Survivors deal with the Neanderthals first, showing how they were adapted to live in Ice Age Europe, how very resilient and physically powerful they were, but they still lack imagination, as their ancestors did.

Cro-Magnons, on the other hand, developed ingenuity, as shown by a hollow ostrich egg converted into a water flask. Consequently, when the Ice Age began to wane and the Cro-Magnons moved north, they displaced the Neanderthals and drove them to extinction (though there are other theories).

The episode ends with the narrator showing a Cro-Magnon baby and telling the audience that this is essentially a modern human baby and that the journey of human evolution is complete.

Creatures Edit

400 Thousand Years Ago (Ireland)Edit

140 Thousand Years Ago (France)Edit

140 Thousand Years Ago (Southern Africa) Edit

30 Thousand Years Ago (Southern Europe)Edit





Original airdateEdit

  • 23 April 2003 19.00 BBC Four


  • 24 April 2003 20.30 BBC One Postponed from 17 April
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