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Thescelosaurus is an ornithopod dinosaur from the Maastrichtian of the Cretaceous period.


The classification of this dinosaur is uncertain, as scientists moved it from "hypsilophodonts" to iguanodonts and back several times, however most modern phylogenies find it to be about midway between the start of ornithopoda and iguanodontia. Also, Thescelosaurus is famous for the rather unusual and primitive anatomy of its heart (found in a preserved specimen).

Thescelosaurus was a relatively robust ornitopod dinosaur, so it probably wasn't built for speed like its relatives. The fact that its feet had four toes is another sign of Thescelosaurus being a relatively primitive species.

Thescelosaurus had several kinds of teeth in its mouth, and not just a toothless beak: sharp teeth in front, canine teeth and grinding molars at the back of its mouth. Its full name is Thescelosaurus neglectus indicating the neglect that this dinosaur had from scientists.

Contray to many "hypsilophodonts", it wasn't curoserial, instead being thought to be a borrower, or even semi-aquatic.

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Death of a Dynasty

An unidentified ornithopod appeared, which might have been this genus.

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It was mentioned in the Anatotitan entry.


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