Titanosaurs (members of the groups Titanosauria or Titanosauroidea) were a diverse group of sauropod dinosaurs, which included Saltasaurus and Isisaurus. It includes some of the heaviest creatures ever to walk the earth, such as Argentinosaurus and Puertasaurus — which are believed to have weighed up to 90 tonnes (100 short tons). Consequently, they were named titanosaurs in honor of the mythological Titans, the early deities of Ancient Greece. Together with the brachiosaurids and relatives, they make up the larger clade Titanosauriformes.


Unlike the other groups of sauropods - Diplodocoids, other Macronarians - titanosaurs evolved late in the Mesozoic, around 150 MYA, in the middle Cretaceous. They were the last and the largest of the sauropods; some of them even made it to the K-T extinction. They were most numerous in the south hemisphere - South America, Africa - but some of the latest discoveries indicate that they may've lived in the north as well.

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This episode centered on one of the biggest sauropods ever - Argentinosaurus. The entire lifecycle of this sauropod was shown: from death (an Argentinosaurus skeleton) to youth (a solitary Argentinosaurus juvenile, wandering on the shores of a prehistoric river or lake) to maturity (a herd of these dinosaurs going to the same river to lay eggs and attacked by predators) to birth (the laying of Argentinosaurus eggs).

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