Odobenocetops closeup

Odobenocetops. (Official image.)

The toothed whales (systematic name Odontoceti) form a suborder of the cetaceans, including sperm whales, orcas, beaked whales, dolphins, and others. As the name suggests, the suborder is characterized by the presence of teeth rather than the baleen of other whales.


Among the toothed whales, the dolphins and porpoises split away from the other cetaceans about 20 MYA, during the Miocene. They were smaller and faster than the baleen whales, and so they specialized on hunting fish and similar sea animals in the shallow, coastal seas. As a rule, they are fast, sleek and intelligent mammals, many of which survive even in modern times.

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Sea MonstersEdit

Sea Monsters, Episode 2Edit

Odobenocetops was a toothed whale that was featured in the second episode of Sea Monsters and the only toothed whale to be featured in an IP production. (The other extinct whales belonged to an older family, called Archaeoceti, instead.) It was featured in a cameo during the Pliocene segment of the episode, when it was briefly harassed by a juvenile Megalodon, but was able to escape under the cover of seaweed. Later, a clay Odobenocetops was made to test the attack strategy for another juvenile Megalodon.

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