Torosaurus Lock Horns
5 - Torosaurus Lock Horns

5 - Torosaurus Lock Horns

Production information
Artist(s)/Composers(s)Ben Bartlett
AppearancesWalking with Dinosaurs: Cruel Sea
Giant of the Skies
Death of a Dynasty

Torosaurus Lock Horns is a soundtrack from Walking with Dinosaurs.

In Walking with DinosaursEdit

Cruel SeaEdit

The end portion of the track plays as the tail of the recently killed Ophthalmosaurus floats down to the bottom of the sea floor.

Giant of the SkiesEdit

It is played twice as the Utahraptors stalk their prey and when they successfully kill an Iguanodon.

Death of a DynastyEdit

The end of the track plays as the female Tyrannosaurus rex calls for a new mate at the beginning of the program. It plays one more time, as the title suggests, when the two male Torosaurus lock horns to win a mate. The ending of the track also plays when the camera pans on the carcass of the baby Torosaurus who was killed by a Dromaeosaurus pack.

The Ballad of Big AlEdit

The part of the tail scene of the ophthalmosaurus sinking and the end are touched when Big Al trips on the trunk and walks in the desert. 

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