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        Trilobites, the name meaning Three lobes, were prehistoric animals. 


They were prey for a lot of animals including Anomalocaris and different types of sea scorpions

A Trilobite about to be eaten by a Anomalocaris. (Water Dwellers)

Trilobites ate both algae on the sea floor and small organisms. They were slighly armored sea creatures that looked a bit like slaters. These sea creatures were arthropods and evolved sturdy exoskeletons on the outside of their bodies.  up to 15,000 species of trilobites existed  in the Paleozoic era. They lived worldwide between the Cambrian and Permian periods in the sea. modern crabs are relatives of them but trilobites are not alive today.

They ranged  from a small size, 2 centimeters in length, to the largest species, Isotelus, which grew to an enormous for trilobites 72 cm long which was about as big as they got.

Some of them ate plankton, others dead animals. Their eyes were made of calcite. they became extinct at the end of the Permian due to the mass extinction.

The name trilobite means "three lobes".

Appearances in the programmes

Sea Monsters

Sea Monsters, Episode 1

Trilobites on the sea floor (Water Dwellers)

Nigel Marven found a dead Isotelus and fitted a camera in it to record some life in the Ordovician seas. It recorded a Megalograptus and a Cameroceras. It was eaten by a Cameroceras.

Walking with Monsters

Water Dwellers

A group of Trilobites (possibly Redlichia) were seen in the first episode. They were feeding until one was eaten by an Anomalocaris.