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Nigel Marven holding the trilobite camera. (Dangerous Seas)

The trilobite camera (or more commonly known as the trilobite cam) was a modified Isotelus with an waterproof camera attached to it via one of its eye sockets, created by Nigel Marven.


The trilobite camera was made by Nigel Marven to help him try to find and observe a Cameroceras.

In Sea Monsters

101. Dangerous Seas

Nigel Marven found a large Isotelus trilobite on the shores of Ordovician New York. He took it to his camping site and popped out one of its eyes in order to fit a camera into it.

The next day, Nigel took the trilobite camera to sea and threw it into the water. Soon after, a Megalograptus appeared and tried to feed on the trilobite. Nigel managed to knock it off.

Later, a Cameroceras came to the trilobite cam and ate it.