The Unidentified hippidiform horse was a small horse that lived in Pleistocene South America.

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Sabre-Tooth WorldEdit

Half-Tooth started watching a herd of horse after observing a Doedicurus.  He stalked the herd but in the bushes, he spotted a Phorusrhacos also stalking the herd.  The bird charged at the herd (a mother and her foal in particular) and got within the herd.  It tripped up the horse and separated it from its mother.  The Phorusrhacos pinned the horse down and broke the horse's neck.  As the bird started feeding, another Phorusrhacos appeared and fought it for the carcass.  Then, Half-Tooth emerged and scared one of the birds off.  The other attempted to pick up the foal and run away with it but it was too heavy so it left it to Half-Tooth. Half-Tooth then ate the carcass.

Behind the scenesEdit

In The Complete Guide To Prehistoric Life the small animal was identified as a Smilodon cub instead.[1]

It's possible that it is the prehistoric South America horse known as a Hippidion.

It is replaced by a juvenile Macrauchenia in the show.

The model used is probably the model of Propalaeotherium

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