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Lemurwolf132 started watching the Walking With... series when he was four when Walking with Dinosaurs premiered in the U.S.A. He was always intrigued by dinosaurs, and seeing a show about them that was NOT Jurassic Park and teaching him facts about his favorite creatures of the past only brought him closer to loving it. He bought the VHS set, though he wouldn't by the DVD set until 2007. Two years later, he was able to catch the U.S. premiere of Dinosaurs sequel, Walking with Prehistoric Beasts(the U.S. name for Beasts). This program is what helped him see that we are all primates and have evolved from thus. Unlike Dinosaurs, he bought it on DVD right away. However, his first disc broke so he had to get another. Then, about two years later, he saw Chased by Dinosaurs and Walking with Cavemen. While he got the former for Christmas a few years later(along with Chased by Sea Monsters), he never bothered with. It wasn't until 2007 that he finally got his hands on Walking with Monsters, which he bought on DVD the same day as he bought Dinosaurs on DVD. A week earlier, however, he had bought the whole Prehistoric Park series on DVD at BestBuy. He has yet to complete his Impossible Pictures prehistory-based DVD collection yet, for he still needs Cavemen and IP's newest drama which premiered in the U.S. on August 9th, 2008 on BBC America, a year after it was released in the U.K. and many other countries, Primeval.

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