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My name is Snowleo. It is Snowleo because snow leopards are my second favorite big cats.


I like:


I dislike:

  • Annoying people
  • Uber Spino fanboys
  • Uber Rex fanboys
  • N00bs
  • G00ns
  • Banned users

Zoo Tycoon SitesEdit

The Zoo Tycoon Sites that I am on are:

  • Zoo Tycoon Volcano
  • Spino's Forums
  • Zoo Tycoon Unleashed
  • Kang's Forums
  • Captain Jack's Forums

On Zoo Tycoon Volcano, Jack's Forums and Spino's Forums, I am Snowleo. On Zoo Tycoon Unleashed I am Coldleopard. On Kang's Forums I am Snowleo of Jack.

People that I consider friendsEdit

  • Dragonz
  • beluga
  • Spinodragon
  • Zooasaurus Rex
  • lkjggfs
  • Eco
  • FelixPrismus

Fan ArtEdit

Here's the link to my own fan art page: User:Snowleo/Fan Art

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