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The Feathered Tyrannosaur
Biographical information
SpeciesA Feathered Tyrannosaur
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Arena feathers
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WWMTitleCard Walking With Monsters
Walking With Monsters follows the time before the rise of the dinosaurs. It follows the evolution of the vertebrates, our ancestors. It shows how these animals lived, bred and functioned. The series starts in the Cambrian period - the birth of the first vertebrates - and concludes in the early Triassic period - shortly before the first dinosaurs.
WWDTitleCard Walking With Dinosaurs
Walking With Dinosaurs follows the 150 million year long reign of a diverse group of reptiles called dinosaurs. The series starts in the late Triassic period - the dawn of the dinosaurs - and concludes in the late Cretaceous - the violent end of the dinosaurs
WWBTitleCard Walking With Beasts
Walking With Beasts follows the rise of the mammals after the extinction of the dinosaurs. The series starts in the Eocene epoch - a time when birds ruled the Earth - and concludes in the late Pleistocene - the end of the last Ice Age and the magnificent megafauna.
SMTitleCard Sea Monsters
Sea Monsters features presenter Nigel Marven travelling through prehistory to visit the seven most deadliest seas of all time. He travels as far back as the Ordovician period to find the giant orthocone to as far forward as the Pliocene epoch to meet the real life Jaws, Megalodon.
200px Prehistoric Park
Prehistoric Park features presenter Nigel Marven travelling through prehistory with a time portal to save prehistoric creatures from extinction. He travels as far back as the Carboniferous period to save giant bugs such as Arthropleura and to as far forward as the Pleistocene epoch to save animals such as the Woolly Mammoth.
Gb-en Walking with Dinosaurs 3D
The 3D Movie
Cbd Chased by Dinosaurs
Chased by Dinosaurs features presenter Nigel Marven travelling through prehistory to visit the giant claw . Then he travels to see Argentinosaurus.
PrimevalTitleCard Primeval
Primeval follows a secret government research team, which is tasked with investigating doorways through time and space called Anomalies which are opening and allowing creatures from across Earth's distant past and future to cross into and run rampant in the present; the team are tasked with predicting and learning more about the Anomalies, and with containing the creatures that come through the Anomalies and sending them back through to their time periods if possible.
LIO PILOT Walking With Dinosaurs Pilot
The Walking with Dinosaurs Pilot is the test version of Walking with Dinosaurs.
Gorgosaurus wonderbook
Tyrannosaurus rex wonderbook
Tarbosaurus CBD Drinking

Tarbosaurus drinking from a lake. (The Giant Claw)

Mapusaurus ED


Evolotion 3
Evolotion 2
Evolotion 1
File:Mapausaurus ED.png
Coelurosaur c
File:212px-Ceteans vector.png
THObXn4oQO-Dinosaurus - Dinosaur - Dinosaurio - Dinosaure - Diplodocus006

Diplodocus may have reared up to defend itself.

File:CBD1x2 Sarcosuchus 28.jpg


File:1191691-gorgonopsid super.jpg
Wwd trex2

Tyrannosaurus rex

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