Walking With Dinosaurs: The Official Sticker Album

WWD sticker book (1007x1280)

Time Life BV
Planet Three Publishing Network Ltd
Release Date
August 2000
Paperback Book, 36 Pages

Walking With Dinosaurs: The Official Sticker Album was a 36 page sticker book that came free with the first issue of Walking With Dinosaurs magazine, which came out in August 2000 in the UK. It was published by Time Life BV/Planet Three Publishing Network Ltd.


Map of discoveriesEdit

Dinosaur bones have been found all over the world and more are being discovered all the time. Just imagine, there could be a dinosaur buried in your garden!

Biggest and smallestEdit

Dinosaurs came in all sizes! See how big they would look if they were alive today...

Dinosaurs rule!Edit

Use your land stickers to make a monstrous desert scene.

The TriassicEdit

All of the animals on this map lived at the end of the Triassic period, around 230-208 million years ago. This was when the very first dinosaurs appeared...

Which dinosaur was the FASTEST?Edit

See how the dinosaurs compare to modern-day animals in this race to the finishing line.

Fantastic flyersEdit

Create a stupendous sky scene with your air stickers.

The JurassicEdit

The Jurassic was a time of giants. Massive dinosaurs roamed the land and monsters filled the seas.

Really WEIRDEdit

Giant claws, spiky armour, colourful crests... Which of these animals do you think looks the strangest?

Water worldEdit

Bring this ocean scene to life with your sea stickers.

The CretaceousEdit

The Cretaceous period, 142-65 million years ago, was home to some of the scariest and strangest dinosaurs of all!


In the world of dinosaurs, even plant-eaters were deadly. Which of these animals do you think is the scariest?

Dinosaur tracesEdit

The world is full of amazing dinosaur remains, from ancient footprints to whole skeletons.


Your ultimate A-Z guide to dinosaurs and the reptiles that shared their world.

  1. Albertosaurus
  2. Alectrosaurus
  3. Alioramus
  4. Allosaurus
  5. Altispinax
  6. Anatotitan
  7. Anhanguera
  8. Ankylosaurus
  9. Anurognathus
  10. Apatosaurus
  11. Arrhinoceratops
  12. Barosaurus
  13. Baryonyx
  14. Brachiosaurus
  15. Camarasaurus
  16. Camptosaurus
  17. Carcharodontosaurus
  18. Cearadactylus
  19. Ceratosaurus
  20. Cetiosaurus
  21. Chirostenotes
  22. Coelophysis
  23. Cryptoclidus
  24. Deinonychus
  25. Dermodactylus
  26. Dilophosaurus
  27. Diplodocus
  28. Dromaeosaurus
  29. Dryosaurus
  30. Edmontosaurus
  31. Elasmosaurus
  32. Elmisaurus
  33. Eudimorphodon
  34. Gallimimus
  35. Haplocanthosaurus
  36. Herrerasaurus
  37. Heterodontosaurus
  38. Homalocephale
  39. Hylaeosaurus
  40. Hypsilophodon
  41. Iguanodon
  42. Kentrosaurus
  43. Koolasuchus
  44. Kritosaurus
  45. Kronosaurus
  46. Leaellynasaura
  47. Lesothosaurus
  48. Lexovisaurus
  49. Liopleurodon
  50. Massospondylus
  51. Megalosaurus
  52. Mesadactylus
  53. Metoposaurus
  54. Metriorhynchus
  55. Muraenosaurus
  56. Muttaburrasaurus
  57. Nemegtosaurus
  58. Neovenator
  59. Nodosaurus
  60. Nyctosaurus
  61. Ophthalmosaurus
  62. Opisthocoelicaudia
  63. Ornithocheirus
  64. Ornitholestes
  65. Othnielia
  66. Pachycephalosaurus
  67. Peteinosaurus
  68. Placerias
  69. Platecarpus
  70. Plateosaurus
  71. Platypterigius
  72. Polacanthus
  73. Postosuchus
  74. Protoceratops
  75. Pteranodon
  76. Pterodactylus
  77. Quetzalcoatlus
  78. Rapator
  79. Rhamphorhynchus
  80. Rhomaleosaurus
  81. Saltasurus
  82. Santanadactylus
  83. Saurolophus
  84. Sauropelta
  85. Saurornithoides
  86. Shunosaurus
  87. Sordes
  88. Stegosaurus
  89. Styracosaurus
  90. Tapejara
  91. Tarchia
  92. Torosaurus
  93. Torvosaurus
  94. Triceratops
  95. Troodon
  96. Tyrannosaurus
  97. Utahraptor
  98. Valdosaurus
  99. Velociraptor
  100. Zephyrosaurus


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