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Exclusive Ornithocheirus toy

Walking With Dinosaurs magazine was a monthly magazine that ran for c.17 issues from 2000 to 2001. It was published by Planet Three Publishing Network Ltd and priced at £1.75.

From issue 5 it was rebranded as Discovering Dinosaurs magazine and expanded from 16 to 24 pages; all images from the TV series were dropped and the magazine began to feature dinosaurs from upcoming films such as Disney's Dinosaur and Jurassic Park III. But despite dropping most of the Walking with Dinosaurs imagery, many of the dinosaur designs (outside of the dinosaurs from the featured films of the time) were based on Walking with Dinosaurs' depictions.

Most issues featured competitions with the prize being the exclusive Ornithocheirus toy.


Image Issue Date Featured dinosaur Free gift(s)
WWD mag 1.jpg 1 August 2000 Tyrannosaurus Sticker Album
Sticker sheet #1
Tyrannosaurus poster

Dino Star 1: Tyrannosaurus
Dino Action: Wound and kill From New Blood, Placerias and Postosuchus.
Dino World: What makes a dinosaur? Herrerasaurus and Saurosuchus.
Living with a monster Triceratops, Pachycephalosaurus and Anatotitan.
Dino Fun & Dino Chat

WWD mag 2.jpg 2 13 September 2000 Diplodocus 3D Poster & glasses
Sticker sheet #2
WWD mag 3.jpg 3 October 2000 Allosaurus 4 Dinosaur temporary tattoos
Sticker sheet #3
Stegosaurus poster
Dino Star 3: Allosaurus
Dino Action: Hunting in the air From New Blood, Peteinosaurus and Dragonfly.
Dino World: Outliving the dinosaurs Didelphodon.
Jurassic neighbours Ceratosaurus, Haplocanthosaurus and Rhamphorhynchus.
Dino Fun & Dino Chat
WWD mag 4.jpg 4 15 November 2000 Ankylosaurus Glow-in-the-dark bug
Sticker sheet #4
Coelophysis poster
Dino Star 4: Ankylosaurus
Dino Action: Spotting food From New Blood, Coelophysis and Lungfish.
Dino World: Amazing survivors Sharks, Turtles, Jellyfish, Snakes, Lizards and Cockroaches.
Last of their kind Saurolophus, Panoplosaurus and Troodon.
Dino Fun & Dino Chat
WWD mag 5.jpg 5 13 December 2000 Stegosaurus Dinosaur shrinkie
Sticker sheet #5
Disney's Dinosaur poster
Dino Bites
Dino Life: Why did dinosaurs fight each other?
Dino Stars: Stegosaurus
How to draw: Cetiosaurus
Dino Chat
Dino World: The story behind Disney's Dinosaur
Dino Fun
WWD mag 6.jpg 6 10 January 2001 Liopleurodon Dinosaur magnets
Sticker sheet #6
Liopleurodon & Ophthalmosaurus poster
Dino Bites
Dino Life: Dino senses
Dino Stars: Liopleurodon
Dino World: The real sea monsters
How to draw: A dino battle!
Dino Chat
Dino Finds: The first of the dinosaurs
Dino Fun
WWD mag 7.jpg 7 7 February 2001 Utahraptor Glow-in-the-dark squishy creature
Sticker sheet #7
Utahraptor & North American Iguanodon poster
Dino Bites
Dino Life: Dino hunters
Dino Stars: Utahraptor
Dino World: The dinosaur family tree
How to draw: Utahraptor
Dino Chat
Dino Finds: European dino treasure
Dino Fun
WWD mag 8.jpg 8 7 March 2001 Ornithocheirus Stretchy dinosaur
Sticker sheet #8
Ornithocheirus poster
Dino Bites
Dino Life: Escaping the meat-eaters
Dino Stars: Ornithocheirus
Dino World: Terrific pterosaurs!
How to draw: Ornithocheirus
Dino Chat
Dino Finds: The wild west
Dino Fun
WWD mag 9.jpg 9 4 April 2001 Coelophysis Magic pen
Sticker sheet #9
Coelophysis poster
Dino Bites
Dino Stars: Coelophysis
Dino World: The age of the dinosaurs
Dino Life: Ahh... baby dinosaurs!
How to draw: Coelophysis & Use your magic pen!
Dino Chat
Dino Fun
WWD mag 10.jpg 10 May 2001 Postosuchus Glow-in-the-dark T-Rex model
Sticker sheet #10
Dino Bites
Dino World: Life before the dinosaurs
Dino Makes: Prehistoric swamp jelly
Dino Stars: Postosuchus
Meet Robo Rex!

African adventure!
Vote for your Dino Superstar

WWD mag 11.jpg 11 30 May 2001 Ophthalmosaurus Glow-in-the-dark Stegosaurus model
Sticker sheet #11
Dino Bites
Dino World: Death of the dinosaurs
Dino Stars: Ophthalmosaurus
Dino Chat
Dino Tales: Extinct? Maybe not...
Dino Fun: Find Nessie
WWD mag 12.jpg 12 July 2001 Brachiosaurus Glow-in-the-dark Triceratops model
Sticker sheet #12
Dino Bites: Jurassic Park III ...how DID they do it?
Dino Quiz: Are you a brainosaurus?
Dino Chat: If you were a dino!
Dino Stars: Brachiosaurus
Dino World: Going, going, gone!
Dino Tales: Komodo Killers!
Dino Mail
WWD mag 13.jpg 13 August 2001 Leaellynasaura Sticker sheet #13 (Bumper sized)
Dino Bites
Dino Chat: Would you like a pet dino!
Dino World: It's a dino world!
Dino Stars: Leaellynasaura
Dino Quiz: Are you a dino-it-all?
Dino Stars: Dino Superstar
Dino Beast: The toughest dino ever!
Dino Mail
WWD mag 14.jpg 14 26 September 2001 Tyrannosaurus bataar Sticker sheet #14 (Bumper sized)
Dino News
Dino Quiz: Are you a dino mastermind?
Dino Bites: Meet the predators!
Dino Stars: Tyrannosaurus bataar
Dino World: Want to be a dino digger?
Dino Mail
Dino Makes: Dino jaws
WWD mag 15.jpg 15 October 2001 Iguanodon Sticker sheet #15 (Bumper sized)
Dino Bites
Dino Digs: Dino blunders!
Dino Fight: Dino death match
Dino Stars: Iguanodon
Dino World: The best of British dinos
Dino Chat: The biggest dino fan ever
Dino Quiz: Try our dino brain-teaser
Dino Mail
WWD mag 16.jpg 16 21 November 2001 Cryptoclidus Dinosaur frisbee
Dino Bites
Dino Toys: Top ten dino toys
Dino Life: Bringing up babysaurus
Dino Tales: The dino film awards
Dino Star: Cryptoclidus
Dino Fun: Draw Cryptoclidus
Dino World: Biggest and smallest dinos
Dino Mail
Dino Quiz: Dino brain-buster
Cryptoclidus poster
17 19 December 2001 Eustreptospondylus Glow-in-the-dark dinosaur teeth

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Magazine websites:

  • www.walkingwithdinosaurs.co.uk (Issue's 1-3)
  • www.planet3.co.uk/dinosaurs (Issue 4)
  • www.discoveringdinosaurs.com (Issue's 5-17)