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Featured articles are quality articles that are deemed good enough to be featured on the Walking With Wikis homepage.

There is one featured article per month and all users can nominate articles. The nominations are then put into a poll and other users can vote on which is the best candidate. The nomination with the highest number of votes will be next month's featured article.

A featured article's standards

To quality as a featured article, an article must have the following:

  • the article must be more than 500 bytes of data. Otherwise, it would be a stub. Stubs are not eligible.
  • the article must have been proofread and all spelling and grammatical errors must be corrected. Featured articles are meant to be shown as a good example of the wiki's content. A featured article littered with nonsensical sentences would not make the wiki look good.
  • the article must be well-presented. We are not looking for articles with large clusters of images in a single section. We are also not looking for articles with an infobox half way down the page.
  • the article should preferably contain at least one image. Images give a good representation of what an article is about. It also helps visitors recognise the franchise.

Where is an election held?

An election is held on the talk page of this page.