Walking With Wikis

Every registered user on Walking With Wikis can upload images, videos, PDFs and other files. However, even though we welcome all contributions, we have a set of guidelines on what and what not to upload.


  • Images must be of good quality. Make sure the images you are trying to upload are of good quality and are not pixellated or blurry.
  • Images must not be duplicates of older images.
  • Images must have something to do with Walking with.., not images of iPads or curtains.
    • You can upload miscellaneous images only if they are for user pages. If so, please confirm this to an administrator.
  • Images must have good file names.
    • Examples of good file names include "AllosaurusStuckInMud.jpg", "WWM101BrontoscorpioStrikesCamera.png" and "SMEpisode101 1.jpg".
    • Examples of bad file names include "Images.jpg", "X.png", "Szfisnvni.jpg" or "Vlcsnap-1969-12-31-23h59m59s999.png".


  • Videos must be by official sources.
    • Official sources include the BBC, movie trailer channels and the Walking With Wikis channel.
  • Videos must be clips, not fan-made AMVs or slideshows.
  • Videos must not be of full episodes. If you upload full episodes to the wiki, you will be banned permanently.

Categorization and licensing

When you upload images or videos, please add the appropriate categories (i.e. Category:Allosaurus images, Category:Walking with Dinosaurs images) and license(s) (i.e. Template:Fairuse).