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HD Trilogy of Life Introduction (2005)

The introduction of Trilogy of Life, demonstrating the legacy of the Walking with... franchise.

Walking with..., also commonly known as the Trilogy of Life or Walking with Prehistoric Life is a franchise created and controlled by the British Broadcasting Corporation.

The series is about the history of life on Earth, starting with its inception and ending in the present day.


Pre-Walking with Dinosaurs

The BBC want to produce a landmark documentary series, more particularly, a natural history documentary series. Tim Haines proposed a television dinosaur documentary series with Jurassic Park-quality effects to Mike Milne but he turned the idea down. Haines contacted someone else who had heard about the proposal and asked if Milne was going to do it. Milne later agreed to take part in the project after worrying that if Haines succeeded, he would have missed out on the opportunity.

The BBC later gave Haines a small budget and traveled to Cyprus to film a pilot episode. With a single cameraman, he filmed a series of scenes and produced a storyboard. After finishing the pilot, he showed it to Jana Bennett who later decided to fund the project which would eventually become the most expensive documentary series ever made.

Walking with Dinosaurs

Production of Walking with Dinosaurs had begun. When the first episode, New Blood, was broadcast, it was viewed by 14 million households. Despite Haines' fears that the viewership would drop drastically on the next week, 12 million households viewed the second episode, Time of the Titans.

However, it was criticized by creationists who complained that the creators favored Charles Darwin's theory of evolution over the biblical account of creation. As well as angry theists, several palaeozoologists panned the series for its overuse of speculation about the behavior of the prehistoric creatures. One famous example is of the newspaper article about the scene where the male Postosuchus marked its territory with urine.

After Walking with Dinosaurs

After the success that was Walking with Dinosaurs, a special episode was produced and aired a year later. This programme was The Ballad of Big Al, a story about a young Allosaurus specimen's life and hardships. It first aired on BBC One on 25 December 2000.[1]

Soon after, a sequel to Walking with Dinosaurs was produced. Walking with Beasts was a far bigger challenge for the team at Framestore CFC as unlike dinosaurs and most of the creatures in Walking with Dinosaurs, mammals had fur, which was harder to animate.