This is the page of the CD soundtrack, you may be looking for Walking with Beasts : Operation Salvage


The cover

The Walking with Beasts CD is a music CD wich contains 18 tracks. 9 are from Walking with Beasts , 3 are from The Ballad of Big Al and 6 are from Walking with Dinosaurs.

Walking with BeastsEdit

There is 2 tracks from Episode 1, 1 tracks from Episode 2, 3 tracks from Episode 3 and 2 tracks from Episode 5. The last track from Walking withBeasts in the CD as a part in New Dawn, and the other part is the music from the opening. A track, foundable on YouTube but not featured on the CD is Great Journey from Episode 4.

Walking with DinosaursEdit

There is 11 tracks from Walking with Dinosaurs, 2 has a new name, and 7 are put into two tracks.

The Ballad of Big AlEdit

There is 3 tracks from The Ballad of Big Al

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