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       The white rhinoceros is a modern species of rhinoceros. It lives in Africa.


The white rhinoceros is the biggest land mammal after the modern elephants. Unlike the black rhinoceros, which also lives in Africa, it has a low-slung head and a square lip, perfect for cropping grass. It has two horns and its skin is relatively smooth. 

The white rhinoceros is not actually white; its name is derived from the Dutch wijd, which means 'wide'.

There are actually two species, or subspecies of the white rhinoceros, northern and southern. The northern white rhinoceros is more endangered. 

In Walking with Beasts

Next of Kin

The white rhinoceros was one of the background modern animals in this episode. It was shown grazing besides such prehistoric creatures as Dinofelis and Australopithecus but ignoring them. However, it is probably an extinct ancestor of two exant species of today.